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How to Deep Clean and Organize Your Fridge Sustainably: A Step by Step Guide

Cleaning up the fridge is by no means my favourite activity but a necessary one. In our home, we try our best to clean out our refrigerator once a month. It helps us keep track of expiry dates and what is left behind. I do enjoy the process for the sake of keeping track of our habits and helping us avoid foods waste. The more ways to save on waste the better in my book. For my #organizeoctober event, I’ve come up with an easy-to-follow 15 step process to deep clean and organize my fridge that I’m going to share with you today.

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Zero Waste and Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Everyone has different needs and routines when it comes to cleaning. I try to keep on regular weekly maintenance, while I know people that will commit to one or two full days of deep cleaning a month. Whatever your routine may be, there is a lot of opportunity for waste with cleaning products these days. Keep reading to learn ways to improve your cleaning routines

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