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25 Zero Waste Gifts Under $25

Do you have someone in your life who is trying their best to minimize their waste production and be a better advocate for the future of our planet? Lucky you! Chances are they are a bit picky about the gifts they want to receive and a typical store bought gift won’t cut it. Today I’m using my experience as an avid zero-waster to provide you with 25 great zero waste gift ideas under $25. You are sure to find something that they love from this list!

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50+ Zero-Waste Gift Ideas for Men

If you have NO idea where to start, the list below might seem overwhelming. You might need to take a bit of time to do some sleuthing to find out where to start. Take note of what they are passionate about and what are their hobbies. Scroll through their Instagram or Twitter to check out who they are following and engaging with online. This will give you a good sense of what sort of gift category they fall into.

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