50+ Zero-Waste Gift Ideas for Men

We have all been there. A holiday is fast approaching and you come to those not-so-familiar names on your list — perhaps it’s a coworker or your sister’s husband. It’s totally ok that you sometimes do not know what men in your life need! Whoever it is, my hope is to provide you with a great list of gift ideas he will appreciate and actually use.

For me, I dislike picking up gifts that don’t bring any value to people’s life. It’s hard to buy great gifts when you do not know the person very well. Gifts should be thoughtful, have meaning or at the very least be useful so they don’t just end up in the landfill.

It can be hard to find a gift that is practical and also sustainable for the fathers, husbands, in-laws, brothers, boyfriends, and coworkers in your life. I find most of the time, the best gifts are experiences and quality time, but here are some physical gift suggestions.

How to choose a zero waste gift for your father?

If you have NO idea where to start, the list below might seem overwhelming. You might need to take a bit of time to do some sleuthing to find out where to start. Take note of what they are passionate about and what are their hobbies. Scroll through their social media to check out who they are following and engaging with online. This will give you a good sense of what sort of gift category they fall into.

Based on the information you find, you can then select a great idea from the category below that fits him best! I’ve included direct links with each idea to some of my favourites from my little curated shop and the affiliate links I have to make things super easy. I have included a ton of amazon recommendations throughout this to try to keep in mind accessibility for my remote readers, but feel free to take these ideas and visit your local market or seller to find them too!

Please know I have included affiliate links and links to my own store throughout this post to help you easily find what you are looking for.

Gifts for men who like to entertain

Claudia’s Top Pick: A Quality Silicone Bakeware Set

How often do you consider going out and buying yourself a new set of kitchen utensils? While it might seem ‘TOO practical’, I know a ton of people that would appreciate the thought behind something that they can really use every day. Saving someone money and adding value to their life is the ultimate gift in itself!

Bamboo cheese platter

A great platter is a timeless staple to any entertainer’s kitchen. This 100% bamboo tray can offer the man in your life a stunning way to serve their favorite snacks to family and friends. This set also has a drawer that is is designed ingeniously to hide 4 beautifully crafted stainless steel cheese knives.

Quality Knife Set

A quality knife set such an important investment for a highly used kitchen. This HENCKELS set is made with forged German stainless steel and includes a self-sharpening knife block that will thrill any amateur chef. With quality chef knives like these, it’s way easier to control blade movement through food, which will decrease your likelihood of injury and increase the knife’s life.

Quality Bar Set

I note quality a lot throughout this list because a big part of creating less waste is owning (or in this case gifting) items that are meant to last. If you notice the guy in your life regularly cycles through mismatched barware, an easy to organize, stainless steel set such as this will make a great gift.

74 Cube Silicone Ice Tray

Encourage the man in your life to ditch plastic bags of ice for future parties and gift him a sturdy, stackable, food-grade silicone tray (or two!) to make ice at home. You could pair this gift with a couple of reusable silicone bags for him to fill in advance for larger gatherings.

Set of Unpaper Towels

This gift is a great introduction to the time and money savings of choosing sustainable products. A set of unpaper towels can be used, washed, and rerolled over and over again for spill after spill. The guy you are buying for will be grateful to have these on hand for the next party or holiday he hosts.

Solid Wooden Kitchen Spoon

Nothing will ever compare to the durability of a classic kitchen tool like a wooden spoon. The ones I’ve linked make a versatile gift that is beautiful enough to use at the table for serving, while also practical for cooking use. The wood won't alter the food’s temperature when cooking or leach harmful chemicals into your dishes.

The Zero Waste Chef: Plant- Forward Recipes and Tips

This 5 star rated recipe book contains 75 vegan and vegetarian recipes that encourage you to use up what you already have and spend less money on new ingredients. Recipes include vegetable pancakes, sourdough pizza with tomato-garlic sauce, and pick-your-peppers hot sauce.

Breville Espresso maker

If you are looking to splurge, a quality espresso machine can outlast years of a basic coffee maker. The built-in conical burr grinder in this one allows you to grind only what you need directly into the portafilter. If there is ever an issue with the device in the future, most can be checked internally to be repaired instead of tossed.

Silicone Baking Mat

If you are a regular reader here on my blog, you know I LOVE these, and so does my husband Mark. Not only do they make cleanup super simple, but they will help extend the life of the recipient’s baking trays too. If the man you are buying for happens to love baking, this is a great tool for him to keep on hand. The ones in my shop come in multiple sizes — there’s one for toaster ovens too!

Cotton Produce Bags

This set of cotton produce bags make plastic-free shopping a breeze. Durable, washable, and reusable, these 100% cotton bags are a great multi-functional storage solution for environmentally conscious individuals. You could also use them as ‘gift bags to fill with other sustainable gifts!

Wooden Platter

This rustic wooden serving platter makes the perfect warm addition to any entertainment space. A great high-quality multifunctional centrepiece, serving dish, or storage solution for nature-loving minimalists. This one comes in a few sizes to fit any budget.

Gifts for men who like outdoor activities

Claudia’s Top Pick: A Bike Basket

Encourage eco-travel by getting them a basket for their bike! A traditionally leisure-focused activity can be turned into a practical choice for things like small errands or visiting local friends. I’d recommend this gift for the guy in your life you know already regularly uses a bike as a mode of transportation. Not something he would expect but very useful!

Bamboo Longboard

This environmentally friendly transportation solution is great for the guy on the go. This White Wave 39 inch board is a great slower choice for beginners or cruise rides. The multi-layer design is crafted with Bamboo and Canadian Maple and has durable heat transferred graphics with clear grip tape.

Recycled Waterproof Backpack

A great versatile design, this waterproof backpack has customizable internal dividers make this bag ideal for everyday tech, work, and leisure use. It comes with a lifestyle guarantee for its weatherproof, 100% recycled nylon canvas shell and Bluesign certified design (that means it’s sustainably made!)


I am pretty sure this gift idea is on every single men’s gift guide ever — but there’s a reason why! This 12 in 1 gadget includes a mini hammer, nail claw, 2 sets of pliers, a wire cutter, knife, a mini saw, serrated knife, file, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, carabiner with a lock, and it comes with a durable nylon pouch for easy carry.

Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

For the guy you know that rather be in the wilderness at all times, consider gifting him a chemical-free cooking solution for camping that is surprisingly affordable. This compact stove can be fueled with the dead twigs, leaves, and mulch around his campsite. It’s compact, lightweight, and sturdily made from stainless steel which can stand high temperatures. It comes with a mesh carrying bag too!

Solar Powered Charger

Never let him be panicked over searching for an outlet again with this 4 foldable panel 26800mAh Ultra High Capacity Power Bank. A sustainable way to charge up and stay connected, the power bank has a light indicator to show the battery level and is overall a great item to have in an emergency situation.

Portable Picnic Set for Travel

This gift is a great opportunity to add an activity along with the gift-giving! Pack a picnic for you and your dad, brother, partner, or friend, and enjoy a good meal together out in nature. You can then gift them the picnic set and encourage future memory-making by planning another one at a future time.

Stainless Steel Waterbottle

A good water bottle is such a great gift that can be used every day. Specifically, this Drinco water bottle is constructed with a rust-resistant, stainless steel double-walled body. It is also powder-coated with a treatment that makes it virtually indestructible, scratch-resistant, and restricts temperature transfer.

Lifestraw Clean Drinking Water Tool

For the camping expert that has it all, an award-winning LifeStraw water filter is a unique gift choice that will definitely impress! This straw filters up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters) of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals. It doesn’t require batteries and has no moving parts. It removes a minimum 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; surpasses EPA filter standards.

Portable Hammock

A safe and non-invasive way to enjoy nature, this portable hammock claims to be very easy to set up and can comfortably fit two adults. Its small, lightweight design is great to travel with and contains everything you need to elevate between two trees. The carrying bag is stitched to the hammock so there’s no chance. of losing it!

A preloaded card for a local bike-share program

This is a great gift for someone who is considering purchasing their own bike but is unsure if they will make enough use out of it. Many cities have bike-share programs with the ability to preload a digital gift card with minutes or millage for local bike use.

A provincial park access pass

Mark and I already picked our passes up for the coming season but we both agree this would make a great gift. Encourage the guy in your life to explore more nature in your area with an annual or seasonal pass for daily permit access.

Gifts for men who are into self-care

Claudia’s Top Pick:

Stainless Steel Wooden Razor

This wooden handle and stainless steel blade razor is a great gift for the guy in your life that still relies on disposable razors. Its sturdy body and replaceable blades make the perfect solution to cut down on plastic waste, save him money, and prevent a dull shave.

Hair and Beard Clippers

A great way to save time and money is taking care of haircuts at home. If the guy in your life regularly makes trips to trim down his hair or beard to a pretty basic cut, consider helping him out by gifting a set of quality clippers for him to maintain his look at home.

Zero Waste Mineral Sunscreen

I recently found Attitude when looking for some new zero-waste deodorant and was met with a huge variety of great other products! Honestly, any of their products would make a great gift but I am recommending the sunscreen with summer coming up as something a lot of men might not consider buying for themselves. Bonus points for being Canadian-made, and for providing me with a discount code for you to try them out yourself.

Use code WELCOME10 for 10% off your very first order!

Plant Fiber Brush for Beards

Some men take their facial hair routines pretty seriously, and I don’t blame them! Having an easy-to-handle brush for detangling and maintenance can make a huge difference in the look and growth of their beards. The one I have in my shop comes with a secondary wooden comb too.

Plant-Based 100% Compostable Face Serum

This solid form face serum can be warmed up with touch and then glided over the skin for a moisture boost. Its made with cupuacu, shea, rosehip & pomegranate oils with a high concentration of antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols & fatty acids to promote firm, hydrated skin.

Routine — “Like a Boss” Deodorant

Routine was one of the first clay and beeswax naturally formulated deodorants I ever heard of. Their vegan deodorants are ethically crafted with the health of our planet in mind. Created by sisters Neige and Pippa, routine is and will always be, manufactured in Canada.

Cold Pressed Soap Box Set

Crate 61 bar soap is a premium cold process soap brand made by hand in small batches in Toronto Canada. This "For Him" box set contains bars of Activated Charcoal, Oatmeal Shea, Eucamint, Alpine Spice, Tango Mango, Patchouli Lime. Shipped in 100% recyclable packaging this makes for a unique gift and practical gift of great value.

Stainless Steel Nail Clippers

A #1 seller in the category, these stainless steel nail clippers are a great grooming staple. This set comes with large and small nail clippers separately placed in a metal case, to reduce the risk of spreading nail fungus. Designed with a hole for key chain portable for everyday multi-propose use.

Green Up Box — The Morning Routine Box

The Green Up Box offers handpicked sustainable plastic swaps for green-conscious consumers. Each box is curated specifically to one major area to make it simple and fun to create a beautiful plastic-free life — I’m recommending the morning routine box for this category but they have a great cleaning one, kitchen one, market one, and travel one too!

Gifts for men who love technology

Claudia’s Top Pick:

Indoor Growing System for Herbs

Great for the urban living dudes in your life who love the idea of having a garden! This countertop growing system is an easy way to flex your green thumb and have freshly picked herbs at home all year round.

Fire Stick

Gift the man in your life an easy way to make the most of his streaming services. Simply plug into the HDMI port of any tv to take advantage of thousands of channels, Alexa skills, and apps including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and CTV. Subscription fees may apply.

Samsung Galaxy Active Watch

A smartwatch is the new standard for techies on the go. This Galaxy Watch Active2 is a good entry-level-priced watch that is water-resistant and super lightweight to fit in with any occasion, from working out to sleeping in. A great gift idea for someone who is working to be more conscious of their health and track progress.

Drawing Tablet

If the guy you are buying for is a creative who likes putting pen to paper, you could consider gifting him a drawing tablet! Connect this digital drawing tablet to your computer via USB cable or Bluetooth. This Wacom one includes downloadable creative software or online tutorials for beginners. These are also a great tool for beginner graphic work and for photo retouching.

DoDow Sleep Aid Device

Dodow is a metronome with a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine. Tap the touch-sensitive surface once for the 8-minute mode and twice for the 20-minute mode. At the end of the exercise the Dodow switches itself off. (yay for energy efficiency) If the man you are buying for normally takes an hour or more to fall asleep, this device will cut that down. to 25. Great rest is a true gift!

Collectible Vintage Device from a Thrift Store

If your recipient is a collector of vintage cameras, records, computers, speakers, monitors, or books, you could try to head to your local thrift store to find a cool new addition for them. Facebook marketplace and Etsy are great places to check out too!

Technology Subscription (Audible Books, Spotify Music, Netflix, Prime)

This idea is pretty straightforward — most major subscription websites offer physical gift cards you can pick up from your local drug store or digital ones you can email to them so the guy in your life can just add the value into his favourite existing accounts.

GIFT CARDS to gaming platforms

No gammer would be disappointed by receiving new funds to put towards updates, items, or new games on their preferred system. Be sure you are aware of their device as to not waste it!

Gifts for men who are eco-conscious

Compost Tumbler

A compost tumbler is the ultimate eco-friendly trash bin for people not wanting to mix the organic waste in their traditional compost bin. this one’s dual-chamber design benefits batch composting, by enables you to continuously swapping sides while the other breaks down. This offers an uninterrupted flow of rich and healthy compost.

Glass Fermentation Jar with Ceramic Fermentation Weight and Recipe Book

Arguably, this could be in the hosting gift section too but I thought it makes a cool zero waste solution too for those who are trying to make the most of what they have. This fermentation jar allows you to make the most of the veggies you have at home that you might not be able to eat right away. The interior of all Mortier Pilon crocks and jars is 100% glass, which allows you to see and assess the fermentation process which is pretty cool. This gift is great for DIY gut health!

Sustainable Yoga Gift Basket

Our Green House offers SO many amazing gift baskets that are conscious of the environment and contained brands. Search by gift type, recipient, or category to be met with an array of fair trade gifting options that give back with every purchase. This Yoga basket donates 5% of the proceeds to a rescue and rehabilitation program for orphaned elephants and rhinos.

Responsibly-Sourced Organic Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps are a big staple in a lot of low waste homes. They make a great solution to plastic bags and wrap in the kitchen but need to be composted and replaced every year or so. The planet-focused man in your life will appreciate the thought with this set of sustainability-sourced wraps that will leave no trace of waste when he is finished with them.

Quality Linen Tote Bag

If he’s big into markets, thrifting, or running errands on foot, an oversized linen tote like the one in my shop would make such a great gift! Natural linen fiber is lightweight and breathable for market goods but is also very sturdy. There are a million and one ways for the recipient to take advantage of a bag like this.

Ceramic Drip Coffee Maker with a Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

This personal coffee maker is great for camping or for those with a small space. Pair this single cup coffee maker with a reusable stainless steel or cloth filter for an eco-friendly caffeine routine.

Natural Linen Bedset

Linen is the material that feels luxe but is truly great for the environment too. This set is constructed out of hollow fibers, with the linen acting as a natural insulator. It will keep the man in your life cool in the summertime and warm in the winter season — while the ‘undone’ style adds great texture to any room’s decor.

A trip to your local wildlife center

A nature fanatic’s dream trip! Gift a day trip to your local wildlife center to learn more about your area’s local plants and animals. An educational opportunity and also a reminder of the shared spaces that need to be respected to maintain the health of your natural environment

Gift ideas for men who love experiences

Who doesn’t love a great memory and quality time with someone you care about! This last category is dedicated to well-spent energy and exploring new things instead of acquiring more.

Tickets to experiences (concerts, plays, theatre, games)

Ticketmaster, StubHub, Groupon, SeatGeek, and Live Nation are all great places to search for cool events happening in your area. Plan ahead by purchasing a set of tickets for around the time of gifting for an immediate experience, or buy something a few months off to give them something to look forward to — just be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t forget!

Gift cards for online games or graphic software

Many games on online servers require subscriptions or reoccurring investments to stay up on the latest features. Consider gifting him a gift card for his platform of choice. Alternatively, if he utilizes subscription-based software such as Adobe Suite, a gift card or prepaid account could be a great idea.

A coupon book with things you can do together

Just like the freebie I put together in my Mother’s Day post this year, you could take inspiration and put together your own set of coupons for activities or things that will alleviate stress for the man you are buying for.

A massage gift card to a local spa

Any guy would be thrilled to receive a free opportunity to de-stress. So many of us are hunched over computers or sitting all day which leads to a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders. A massage could be just the thing he needs to get back to feeling centered and less sore.

A meal kit subscription box to cook together

Get out of your comfort zone in cooking by ordering a meal kit. Most of these kits help to leave less food waste behind when trying a new recipe since they will send you pre-portioned ingredients instead of you buying a large amount of one thing for a recipe you will never use again.

A picnic for two somewhere beautiful

Pack a bag and head up outside to find a nice spot to enjoy the warm weather together. There aren’t many better things than spending one-on-one time with someone you care about — plus enjoying nature and a good meal!

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