Eco-friendly Gifts for Him [Holiday Edition]

It might be simple-minded to say, but I think most guys fall into one of two categories when you ask them what they want: they have absolutely no idea OR they know exactly what they want.

If they are the latter you are in luck — I wouldn’t suggest straying away from what they tell you (even if the ‘thing’ doesn’t sound like much of a gift). There’s a great chance whatever it is will be appreciated and well used which is the real goal of a good gift.

If they are the former, you’re still in luck! I’ve put together a handy gift guide here to help you find something great for any guy in your life. It is an eco-friendly gift guide, all the items in this post are very practical and sustainable.

This list prioritizes quality over quantity — sometimes too many options can make it difficult. I’ve organized them by price too for you to easily find something great no matter your budget.

If you are shopping for your dad specifically, you can check out a previous gift list I made around father’s day including over fifty great father friendly gift ideas.

Without further words, here are 19 great gift ideas for men you need to buy for this holiday season.

Gifts for Him Under $50

Zero Waste kit for beginners

Price: Starting at $32.99

This gift is for the guy that lives on his own and appreciates a clean home. This starter kit has everything he needs to get started with eco-friendly cleaning. A natural fiber dish brush, dish head refill, a sisal fiber pot scrubber, and a cotton drawstring bag for organization. To bulk up the gift you can also add in a solid bar or brick of dish soap, a sturdy self drying soap dish, or all three! This is a great practical gift to introduce the zero waste lifestyle to someone new.

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

Price: $35

This certified organic all-purpose soap is an amazing step up from his 3-in-1 generic shower product. It has a natural, forest-like scent inspired by Northern California’s redwood trees and is full of skin loving ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary leaf extract, and shea butter. It is super concentrated with one 8 ounce bottle lasting up to 80 showers. Bathing culture offers refills and sells this wash in bulk if he becomes a fan. When purchasing there is an option for a metal cap too which would make the packaging 100% recyclable.

Price: $36.00 for a 6 pack

Give him a 6-pack with a twist! Instead of beer, these cans are filled with delicious small-batch, sustainably sourced Columbian cold-brew concentrate infused with 25 milligrams of CBD. Jibby’s full spectrum isolate reduces caffeine jitters and offers a more balanced boost. The company is partnered with 1% for the planet, who donates 1% of every dollar to organizations committed to environmental and social progress. The cans are 100% recyclable too.

Organic Black Milk Waste Tee

Price: $44.95

There’s nothing basic about this classic black tee. 3x softer than cotton, this shirt is uniquely made from the waste of milk. The material contains 18 different amino acids that actually soothes the skin and offer some incredible wearable benefits; it’s allergy-free, odor-free, antimicrobial, breathable, anti-wrinkle, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating. This tee is a high tech, eco-friendly upgrade to a slim fit closet staple.

Hemp Yoga Mat

Price: $45

Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and stretching practices can all be elevated at home or on the go with a comfortable mat to place on hard floors. This lightweight, eco-friendly one is made from a combination of hemp and jute. It’s non-slip, non-toxic, and free from commonly found mat additives like silicone and latex.

Gifts for Him Under $100

Bazaar Tote

Price: $50

This jute and canvas structured tote is a serious upgrade from a basic canvas one. It has leather handles and a food-grade laminated lining which makes it perfect multipurpose everyday bag. He can travel with it, shop with it, and even dine with it. The bag has a generous hanging pocket on the inside as well as two bottle loops for wine or other bottles of choice. A perfect choice for any foodie or environmentally conscious guy who wants a fashionable upgrade from a plastic reusable bag.

Fermentation - Mortier Pilon

Price: $51

If the guy in your life loves pickles, kimchi, or any other tasty gut friendly foods, a fermentation kit might be a cool and unexpected surprise! This kit comes with a 2L glass and ceramic jar, as well as a recipe book to get started with. It also comes with a wax pencil and reusable labels to keep track of the dates on batches. Fermentation is a low effort, high reward process that can transform basic fruits and vegetables into incredible sour, crunchy, nutrient and flavour dense treats.

Ultimate Shampoo Bar Collection

Price: $66.99

Do you have a guy in your life who sticks to bar products in the shower? Gift him a collection of vegan, plastic and palm free shampoo bars that will have him stocked up for well over a year! The eight bars come packaged in a versatile tin that can be reused afterwards for other toiletries.

Brightening SKINCARE SET

Price: $70

This simple three-step skincare set is the perfect basic routine for any guy on the go. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and packed with awesome skin actives such as AHA, vitamin C, and squalane. Whether or the person you are buying for takes skincare seriously or not, this set will give them impressive brightened and moisturized results quickly that will help the look of their skin.

Olive Oil Dispenser

Price: $73

This isn’t your average glass bottle. Mouth blown by Montreal based artists, these one-of-a-kind oil bottles are a creative gift that can elevate any kitchen. The copper stopper contrasts the glass beautifully and ensures a tight seal. A great DIY to incorporate into this gift would be to prepare an oil infusion with herbs or spices inside the bottle before gifting. Available in black, mustard, and navy.

Gifts for Him Under $150

Handmade Wood Chess Set

Price: Starting at $89.32

These beautiful handmade olive wood chess sets are a gift that can be turned into an heirloom to be passed down to future generations. This seller even offers customizations with the pieces and engravings to make it extra special and unique.

Linen Bathrobe

Price: $146.85

This hooded, waffle weave linen and cotton blend (53% linen, 47% cotton) bathrobe is the perfect luxurious addition to any bath or shower routine. The fabric is stone washed to ensure softness and adds to the unique look of this robe. Linen is an antimicrobial fabric that will prevent musty odors from moisture. It comes in a variety of colours too.

Artisan Drinkware Set

Price: 148.51

This timeless set of blown glass drinkware is a great addition to a bar or kitchen. This makes a great gift as most people would find it hard to justify spending on quality glassware, but once they have it they will make great use of it. These are truly works of art. Each glass is individually crafted by hand in Montreal and sold in sets of four.

Gifts for Him Under $200

Custom Tracksuit

Price: $165

Oneiro Clothing on Etsy is a small-batched, upcycled virtual seller that sews beautiful and unique made-to-wear pieces out of existing fabrics. A custom set with body specific measurements, for $165 is an absolute steal and such a cool unique gift. Once you place your order you can communicate directly with the seller to choose fabric colour combinations. Check out some of the photos of the custom tracksuits in the review section.

Price: $179.98

This handmade 100% recycled copper pan is not only beautiful to look at, but highly functional as well. Any home chef knows the value of a pan that is able to conduct heat quickly and evenly. Copper provides excellence thermal conduction which makes it great for both cooks and bakers for ingredients that need heating and cooling like sauces and chocolate.

‘Treat for Him’ gift Basket

Price: $189

Save the work of curating different products and gift him a basket full of great self care products to enjoy at home. Natural body care products, a candle, and stemless glass all snuggled in a cotton rope basket. 5% of every basket is donated to a conservation that protects threatened tropical rain forests and saves endangered wildlife.

Gifts for Him Under $250

Cocktail Gift Basket

Price: $230

This isn’t any ordinary gift basket! This mixologist lover's set comes with a great selection of earth friendly gifts such as stainless steel straws, natural woven coasters, and handmade playing cards all packaged beautifully in a woven sisal basket. This basket in particular supports mothers as 5% of the proceeds are donated to a charity dedicated to making childbirth and pregnancy safe for every mother, globally.

Price: $234

This portable charger is powerful enough to charge laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, lights, and almost any other personal technology device. A serious upgrade from small capacity chargers, this one is able to charge up to 3 things at the same time. It can also be attached to solar power panels to be charged by the sun.

Flat Packed Fire Pit

Price: $249

For the avid outdoorsman, this Canadian handmade fire pit is a great portable gift for time out in nature. It can be used for campfires but also as an open flame grill! There is a stainless steel top layer that has grooves for skewers as well as a griddle area for cooking. The best part about this handy device is that it can be folded up neatly into the carry tray when it is done being used.

Happy Holidays. I hope you find the perfect gift for the men in your life but remember, sometimes, the best gift can not be bought.