Eco-friendly Gifts for Her [Holiday Edition]

Are you wondering what creative environmentally friendly gifts you can give to the women in your life this holiday season? Look no further than this list! I’m sharing 22 gift ideas for those into beauty, wellness, home, travel and fashion. Prioritizing quality and functionality over just more ‘stuff’.

Beauty & Skincare Gifts

Shampoo and Conditioner Bar set

Price: $23.99

This rose, lavender, and grapefruit scented shampoo bar and conditioner is a dream low-waste treat for clean hair and a healthy scalp. This women owned beauty brand The Natural Spa, is committed to high-quality plastic free products with skin loving ingredients. Each bar can last 80 washes, a little goes a long way! Simply hold the shampoo bar under running water to create a alther and apply directly to the hair like any other wash product. Once wet, the conditioner bar can be glided over the hair to add moisture.

Vitamin Eye Cream

Price: $33.95

This all natural, vitamin enriched eye cream from organic supplement brand Mary Ruth’s is packed with skin loving ingredients hydrate, firm, and repair. It’s come to light that a lot of eye creams are nothing more than thick moisturizers and are a waste of money, but this one definitely stands out. It has the incredible ingredient matrixyl 3000 which stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen — naturally. To bulk up this gift with another eco-friendly skin helper, the Forever eye mask from Dieux is a reusable under eye mask you can place on top of this eye cream for even better results over time.

Clarify Clay Mask

Price: $31.53

After an intense workout or long day of wearing makeup, nothing feels better than a thick, clarifying treatment. This organic clay mask is a beautiful mix of vegan ingredients: bentonite clay, green clay, activated charcoal, chamomile flower powder, and rhassoul clay. The thing I love most about this mask is that it comes dry in powder form so you can control the thickness and consistency. Simply scoop a teaspoon or so into a non-metallic bowl (I always use ceramic) and add in filtered water or other liquid of choice. I find apple cider works wonders with bentonite clay for clearing out pores. It comes packaged in a cute little amber glass container that could be reused for jewelry, travel, or DIY home masks.


Price: $42

Lip Care is always important, but in 2021 beauty trends continued to bring attention to bigger, fuller, overlined lips. If the person you are buying for likes to follow trends but prefers to stay au natural like me, there are some great products out there to exfoliate and moisturize to enhance the lips without pumping them with fillers or chemical ingredients. This lip care duo by clean beauty brand Herbal Dynamics Beauty helps hydrate and softens the lips while plumping. The lip mask contains Kiss-Me-Now flower extract and a natural peptide — hyaluronic acid for a fuller look that will lasts hours!

Non-toxic nail polish trio

Price: $49.19

I love the clean look of beautiful nude nails but HATE all the nasty additives in drug store nail polishes. Did you know that one of the most common chemicals in them (dibutyl phthalate) is an endocrine disruptor that is linked to hormone dysregulation, diabetes, and thyroid issues?! Oh, and there’s also a lot of ingredients that come from animals. Not worth pretty fingertips in my opinion. That is, until I thankfully came across BKind’s non-toxic (and VEGAN) formula that is actually good. The set I have linked here is a trio that comes with the colours Blue Grey, Nude and Soy Late which are the perfect everyday basics. This would make such a cute gift set for those who care about their beauty, health, animals, and the planet.

Clear Skin Kit

Price: $78

For those into trying out new skincare, Blume is a vegan, cruelty-free clean brand centered around making a smooth and encouraging transition through the hormonal changes of puberty. They sell organic period products, as well as a skin care line including the acne friendly finds in this Clear Skin Kit. It comes with a face wash, acne oil, and moisturiser; a great starting point for those first being introduced to the world of skincare.


Price: $102

Herbal dynamics is such an underrated vegan, clean skincare brand. Their formulas are all backed my science and they incorporate amazing ingredients that any skincare loving lady would be impressed by. This kit comes complete with 5 amazing products for a complete routine. A hydrating micellar cleanser packed with antioxidants, a soothing rosewater face toner, a hyaluronic acid serum, an eye cream with anti inflammatory ingredients for puffy eyes, and a vitamin c moisturizer with olive-derived squalane. You should seriously go take a look at the full ingredients list it’s really impressive!

Wellness & Self Care Gifts

Organic Tea Blending kit

Tea kits

Price: Starting at $17

This cute kit allows tea lovers to indulge in high quality leaves on their own, or mix them together to create their own. The Tea It Yourself kits come with a glass gaiwan lidded pot for brewing that can be enjoyed long term with your recipients favourite loose tea blends — you just need hot water!

Golden Hour Hydrosol

Price: $20

This beautiful neroli and rose filled hydrating floral water can act as a toner, hydrator, and perfume all in one. A real sensory experience, this fine mist delivers rejuvenating qualities to help the recipient enjoy the present moment. The flower ingredients are hand harvested at night on an organic farm to encapsulate their best qualities. They are biodegradable too and production is carbon neutral.

vegan Soy Wax Candle

Price: $40.36

Thankfully the additives and chemicals found in big brand candles are starting to be talked about more. When burning a candle it’s important to consider the ingredients as well as what is being burned into the air. This handcrafted soy one is filled with safe essential oils with a soy base for a luxurious high-quality experience. The materials for the candles such as the wax, lids, wick, and fragrances are sourced from U.S. manufacturers to avoid excess pollution and cost due to shipping as well as to support local economies. Each is wrapped in minimal packaging as well.

Microgreen growing kit

Price: $42

Sometimes self care is stepping outside of yourself and tending to something else. This microgreen kit has everything you need to make leafy green vegetables right at home. It includes easy to follow instructions, a reusable grow tray (so you can always gift more seeds for later), 1 super salad mix seed quilt and 1 hearty broccoli seed quit. All you need is water and sunlight!

Home Comfort Gifts

Zero Waste kit

Price: $81.99

The ultimate starter kit for those interested in reducing their waste production and environmental impact. This box is stuffed fill of helpful tools such as a super versatile dish soap that pairs perfectly with a natural loofah sponge, bamboo cloths & wooden natural fiber brushes. The upfront cost of zero waste goods can be a bit all at once so giving this as a gift is a thoughtful way to help the recipient get on top of it. Once they have them, they will be set for months of not years to come!

Tableside Fireplace

Price: $115

For those who love the idea of a cozy fire but are confined to a space without one at the moment, gift them the experience of an open flame in a compact way. This amazing gadget’s open flame provides a sootless burn so it’s even safe to cook over! Made from a beautiful proprietary heat resistant cement, this tiny 5 inch personal fireplace will be a gift they definitely won’t forget about. I can only imagine it could come in handy during emergency power outages as well.

Coupe Glassware

Price: $124.86

For the hostess who appreciates a creative cocktail or mocktail, these expertly crafted glasses are such a thoughtful gift idea. Each equiside mouth blow glass design in the set of four stands out and can allow individuals to differentiate drinks without needing additional labels or stem markers.

Wool throw Blanket

Price: $249

This wool throw blanket is a true treasure that will last the test of time. This will be a blanket the gift recipient can pass on to future generations. The high quality merino blend wool makes the blanket incredibly soft and cozy for chilly nights. The wool is sourced from a carbon beneficial ranch in California who ensures sustainable farming practices.

Gifts for On the Go

CBD Cold Brew on Tap

Price: $38

For your eco-conscious caffeine loving friends, why not give them the gift of delicious cold brew that is infused with CBD to balance the oh so common coffee jitters. Jibby offers delicious a Columbian blend that’s cold-brewed for 18 hours and then infused with American grown hemp-derived CBD. It’s free from dairy, gluten, sugar, is vegan, and 100% recyclable packaging whether you choose the carton or cans.

Compact Recycled Umbrella

Price: $42

This wood duck head umbrella can’t help but make you smile. It’s made from sustainable recycled materials, it's an eco-friendly solution for inevitable rainy days. Something we all should be prepared for but sometimes forget. This gift is a thoughtful way to ensure the recipient thinks of you on gloomy days. The handle is solid wood handmade from birchwood, and the umbrella’s shell and case is made from recycled water bottles.

Linen tote bag

Price: $51

A linen tote bag is beautiful, versatile, strong, smell proof, and compact for any busy woman on the go. A great mix of function and fashion, this tote has an inside pocket for safe storage, as well as shoulder length thick straps for secure travel. I like that it’s so light and can be packed into any other bag without worrying of wrinkles — any that form will just add to the elevated yet effortless look of the material. Machine washable, preshrunk, and comes in a few other pretty classic colours.

Fashion Gifts

Stonewash Linen Scarf

Price: $35

A long one-layer scarf is a great multipurpose accessory for any season. It can be used as a head wrap, a scarf, a shawl or even a belt. The pretty stonewashed color options for this scarf combined with its beautiful texture will add a subtle pop to any outfit. Linen is a natural fabric made from flax, and won’t end up in the landfill as it is biodegradable.

Organic Socks for a cause

Price: 49.99

Who can’t always use some new socks? These organic cotton socks with cute nature inspired prints each come with an individual cause their proceeds go to support. There are socks that protect the ocean, socks that protect shelter dogs, and socks that help combat illegal wildlife trafficking. This is a great gift for the person who has it all who rather give back than receive. Everytime they wear a pair they will be inspired by the initiatives and be reminded on what’s important.

Handmade Gold Flower Hoop Earrings

Price: $55.49

Many consumer conscious individuals don’t consider spending on the ‘extras’ in life, including jewellery. That’s why I think the holidays are a perfect time to treat them to something sparkly and unexpected! These beautiful earrings are ethically made by hand using a high quality alloy and plated with 18k gold. The ginkgo leaf they are molded after are symbols of peace, hope and vitality. A beautiful message to send someone you love to carry with them.

Italian Recycled Plastic "Leather" Pouch

Price: $157.65

This vegan leather pouch is perfect for the eco-friendly minimalist who wants to keep their phone, camera, keys, or wallet close by without carrying a purse. It’s sustainably made from recycled plastics while still being surprisingly soft and luxe. The bags are made locally to California and materials are sourced from a factory with high standards for ethical practices. The shipping and packing materials are post-consumer recycled and 100% recyclable too.

Didn’t find an idea that will work for you? Try exploring one of my other gift lists!