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Tips for Waste Reduction Week in Canada

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. The campaign runs from October 18 to 24th, and is used to promote responsible consumption and better waste solutions. The official event only runs for one week, but Canadians are encouraged to their household waste and take sustainable action year-round!

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How to Buy Sustainable Groceries Without Plastic

Shopping is a habit that can be hard to change over the course of your zero waste journey. Supermarkets have everything conveniently in one place but often do not take into consideration zero waste adopters and their need for plastic free grocery shopping. Being intentionally more sustainable while zero waste shopping takes a little bit more preparation and awareness of your food choices.

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What is Circular Economy and Why Should you Care About It

It is not uncommon for the concept of a circular economy to come up within the zero waste community. The structure and values of the system run parallel with the values of the lifestyle, it does make sense, but I don't often see it explained in such detail. Today I am answering your questions on what it is, how it can benefit us, and more!

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