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The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Holiday Shopping

My intention is to share tips to help you be more eco-friendly with your decisions, but also more sustainable with your personal resources like time, money, and energy. I want to keep this simple and straightforward since the process can be stressful enough as is.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Furniture in Canada

I hope that my research can be of your benefit if you are on the hunt for some great sustainable furniture companies. This list will cover my favourite finds from across the country and share a bit about each of the company or designers sustainability efforts. I’ve included a vast array of price ranges, styles, and materials to help you find a great match for your needs.

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What is Thrifting and How to Do it Right

I love thrifting so much. It’s the coolest thing on earth if you ask me. There’s something so special about finding that perfect clothing piece that is worn just right, or that piece of furniture that gives a lived-in look to your space. A satisfaction you can't get from picking something off a rack at a store that has 10 or 15 duplicates on display.

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