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4 Zero Waste and Reusable Period Products

Let’s be honest, maintaining a zero waste lifestyle while you are on your period can seem daunting. As women, we have enough on our plates all while dealing with the unpleasant symptoms of a period. Seriously, it’s one thing to swap out shopping bags and kitchen utensils, but swapping out your most personal hygiene product? You have to be pretty confident and committed.

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Practical ideas that Reduce Waste While Trying to Get Pregnant + Infographic

Going through the process of conceiving a baby can be a strenuous one. In my experience, struggling with fertility isn’t easy on many levels, and it is certainly not zero waste. My journey to sustainable living does impact my choices and purchasing habits in all areas of my life. With pregnancy being a current pursuit for my family, I thought it might be helpful to share my findings on how to reduce waste in today’s post.

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