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How to be Sustainable During the Winter Holidays

The holidays are the most magical (waste filled) time of the year! From plastic packaging, and unwanted gifts, to food waste and extra carbon emissions from travel, there are SO many opportunities to throw sustainable habits out the window for the sake of ‘good cheer’. I hope this post can encourage you to show as much kindness to the planet as you do those around you this holiday season!

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How to Have a Zero Waste Thanksgiving Gathering with Family

No matter who you are able to celebrate with this thanksgiving season, I encourage you to consider the implications of holiday waste. Especially when hosting a meal for a big group of people. Today I’m sharing all my low waste tips. on how to have a zero waste gathering.

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Zero Waste Easter Ideas

Like any celebration, Easter can produce some extra opportunities for waste. From cooking for a larger group to yearly family traditions, unsustainable practices tend to run rampant during holidays. Prevent this from happening by planning ahead or create new traditions rooted in sustainable practices so they can ethically be carried on for years to come.

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